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Andrew McAvinchey InboundSales: London HUG 201904

How a Sales Flywheel can Grow Your Business Predictably with Inbound Sales.

Your sales team probably aren't analysts - they appreciate mobile drag-and-drop sales processes, rather than confusing spreadsheets. Even the most disciplined sales teams fail to follow a sales process that doesn’t flow naturally into their daily routine. HubSpot SalesHub and the Growth Suite offer a new way to unite your sales and marketing organisation so attribution, reporting and data-driven sales actually work - but not before you discover a few hidden gems you'll need to deal with first.

• Sales and Marketing alignment is about speaking a common language and understanding responsibilities. In modern sales organisations, everyone is a salesperson, and the line is blurred between departments as you deliver value to each customer.

Event: London HubSpot User Group

Event Date: April 2019

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