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Attribution Reporting: Tracked from start to finish


Attribution Reporting: Tracked from start to finish

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Your customers engage with you through multiple channels and touchpoints.

But do you ever wondered what exactly made them come to you?

Do you query if Paul in sales, is the real reason the deal was closed? Or if Vanessa’s wonderful blog made them get in touch?

With attribution reporting, you can see precisely where, when, and how your marketing efforts are truly affecting your leads and revenue.

A buyer’s journey is never one-dimensional. They interact and engage with your brand via multiple touchpoints before committing.

But was it through email, PPC, blogs, paid or organic traffic?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could know exactly what brought them to the decision?

Want tools to give insight as to what channels are generating the most leads and converting them successfully?

Then attribution reporting will make you a happy bunny!

Marketing attribution is a reporting strategy that allows your marketing and sales team to see what’s working and what’s not with Contact create attribution. Or let you know how much revenue was generated with Revenue attribution.

With attribution reporting information, you can:

• Attribute credit to interactions that created contacts, deals, and revenue

• A clearer view of beneficial interaction sources & types

• Know what asset types (through HubSpot) are being interacted with the most

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But how does it work?

Join us to find out the total benefits of Marketing attribution and how your business will benefit from:

• Using different attribution models to fit business goals

• How to choose the right reporting models

• How to run an attribution report in HubSpot and Google Analytics

• How to harvest, analyse and implement data findings from your report

Unite your team through one single source of truth and allow them to work proactively and deliver the best possible customer experience.