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Building Peak Performing Websites in 2021

LondonHUG December 2020
Hear directly from HubSpot Go-to-Market Lead (Web & CMS Hub) Luke Summerfield
Luke Summerfield

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HubSpot's mission is to transform the world of web design.

As the Go-to-Market Lead on the HubSpot Product Leadership Team, Luke's role is to help make that happen by:

1. Strategy: Help design HubSpot's product/packaging/pricing strategy, go-to-market strategy, and growth strategy for the CMS Hub.

2. Fight Friction: Identify areas of customer friction throughout the flywheel and be the voice of the customer.

3. Facilitate: Facilitate and collaborate with all other departments/teams to execute the strategy and overcome friction.

4. Evangelize: Educate and inspire both internally and in the market the future of the web, Growth-Driven Design, CMS Hub, and the good work HubSpot's doing in the web industry.