CMS Starter The Launch of the CMS Starter Web Platform


CMS Hub wanna be starting something? HubSpot reveal their newest CMS Hub product addition

What is a CMS?


Content Management System(CMS): A software application that allows you to create and modify your website without having to code.

Most companies will use some sort of CMS for marketing their website. They usually fall within these categories:

Open source, Proprietary, SaaS.

As each of us has varied needs, it’s the same for our website and content management requirements.

But why would you need a better Content Management System?

Many companies experience friction and frustration with Content Management Systems, HubSpot’s aim is to make a CMS platform that works with minimal effort but produces maximum output. 

CMS Hub allows you to:

·         Easily build and optimise remarkable website pages

·         Developers can build marketer-friendly web apps

·         All-in-one tools to help grow traffic and generate leads

·         Gain governance and control at scale

So what’s new with CMS Hub?

Whitehat are excited to announce that HubSpot has launched their CMS Hub Starter and has now been added to their CMS Hub subscription tiers.

If you thought possibilities were endless before, this opens up a whole new world to generating business.

CMS Hub Starter: Generate business

A simple web content management system for growing businesses who want to leverage the CRM platform to generate business through their website.

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