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Grow Better - Inbound Sales: London HUG 201904


Funnel shows customers an output! Customers, however, are an Input! Historically businesses are built to grow big and fast, and what happens post sales doesn’t really matter. The customer experience is an afterthought.

We loved the funnel. And in a world where customers were more patience, more trusting, had fewer options, and no voice, it made sense to think in terms of a funnel.

The sun rises and sets on the quarter.” By the end of a quarter, she had wrung every ounce of energy out of marketing, and we started the next quarter from a standstill with no momentum and no leverage.

That’s no longer true. After years of inbound marketing, your company has assets: evergreen content; backlinks to your site; social media followings; and, of course, customers who advocate for your brand. For many of us, our marketing departments could take a vacation for a month, and new visitors and leads would continue to come in, and existing customers would continue to refer new business. That’s momentum. Funnel fails to capture to the power of momentum.

That’s where the flywheel comes into play.

Event: London HubSpot User Group

Event Date: April 2019

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