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How To Create An SEO Content Strategy


Create an SEO content strategy

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Content marketing has become a vital part of any company’s marketing strategy.

It’s what drives your audience to your website and keeps them engaged with you for long periods of time.

So, a well-designed content marketing strategy will help you:

• stay ahead of competitors in the market,
• generate more leads and customers,
• improve your brand image, and
• increase customer loyalty.

A content strategy has had to evolve over the years.

It’s not just about keywords and links anymore!

Creating a sustainable content strategy is about firstly understanding your user’s behaviour.

With this insight you’ll then be able to:

• create unique content that users will want to engage with

• drive targeted traffic to your website and designated platforms

• increase conversions with tangible content

This means resources will be focused, reducing any time, money and promotional efforts wasted on dead content.

Join us to talk about how an SEO content strategy, created n HubSpot, can help you achieve your goals.

After the HUG you’ll be able to:

• define your goals & conduct persona research

• run a content audit and fully understand your CMS

• determine content type and generate ideas

• publish, promote, and manage your content

• repurpose content based on your needs

All this plus, creating a link-building plan, how to compress media before uploading, and measuring and tracking your content’s success.

Take the guesswork out of content creation and form a mighty content strategy to elevate your marketing efforts, generate leads and increase your ROI.