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Inbound marketing strategy Tips for a successful implementation: London HUG 201709

This presentation was made my Karen Rafferty from HubSpot as part of a seminar at the London HubSpot User Group in London.

This video will show you the best tips for implementing a great inbound marketing strategy.

You can download the free eBook here:

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A summary article covering the main points is available here:

We propose is to start to deploy a strategy to both your sales and marketing activities in your business. It's important just to reiterate here that with inbound marketing what we're essentially doing is trying to focus on attracting good fit leads or opportunities for your business. And we do that through producing meaningful content that can enable you to have meaningful interactions with potential customers. It's about just having good social etiquette. I'm, it's not about interrupting people, it's about actually being helpful, being responsive. Being very human in the way that you employ your marketing and your sales strategy.

Which of the strategy from the video works best for you in 2018. Let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

Event: London HubSpot User Group

Event Date: September 2017

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