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Marketing Automation for Growth


The world of automation is to make things easier, so why can it seem so hard?

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See how you can effectively use HubSpot tools and software to automate actions, campaigns, and activities throughout an entire buyer's journey.

Increase your chances of generating leads, new sales and an improved result in your marketing ROI.

Timing is everything!

So, with HubSpot automation tools and software, you can make sure you get it right every time.

Automation can be used for both your customers and teams.

Marketing automation ensures correct steps are taken, beneficial information is delivered, and exact actions are completed.

Whether it be:

• inbound marketing/ sales process

• email marketing

• social media marketing

• sales/customer service literature

You can use marketing automation to grow your team processes, customer retention and satisfaction.

This London HUG will help you use marketing automation and:

• know your processes

• know your customer

• have a defined strategy

• create required materials

• everyone in the loop

• test it!

Join us to find out how to use HubSpot marketing automation features and integrations.

Plus, a workshop on how to create a workflow to increase productivity and scalability.

Working smarter is better than working harder, so watch today!