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Thinking About HubSpot And Social Media In 2021

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London HUG 'Social Media Trends for 2021'

Social media for business can be a real challenge.

Social media marketing has been around for quite a while but it's still an ally for some and an enemy for others.

Whatever your stance and know-how, things are a-changing and it's happening fast!

What we knew two years ago about social media may as well be put to rest with the dinosaurs.

So, buckle up and let this HUG take you on a social network ride to:

Know the social media trends for 2021 (what's hot and what's not)
Tap into your social media genius with HubSpot tools and integrations
Deliver what your prospects want whilst monitoring your efforts, the effects and ROI

So how do you harness that social media beast and make it a winner?

You have to focus, strategize, be incredibly creative and LISTEN.

Yes, a big part of delivering what your target audience wants and leveraging your social media platforms is listening to them.

The pandemic has affected us all. People's needs want and focus has now shifted. As businesses we have to adapt by watching, learning and listening.

Find out how to use HubSpot tools to keep your ear to the ground, see what your competitors are doing and never miss a brand mention.

But with so much digital noise how do you do listen?

We will show you how you can save time and cut through the noise on all your social platforms.

Getting the most out of your HubSpot integrations to:

Publish content directly to your social networks
Build campaigns
Gather analytics and metric data to track your social media ROI
Set keyword monitoring
Nicely link it all back to your CRM

What will you get out of this?

After a HUG from us, you will walk away with:

Social media marketing confidence
An understanding of the social media shift
Social media trends that will work for 2021
Knowledge of HubSpot tools to get the job done
A new network of likeminded people